Michael LaCour depends his same-sex marriage report as accurate and free from all accusations hurled against it.

What seem to be an extremely biased publicized same-sex study with falsified results was formally  retracted by the Science magazine last Thursday for misrepresenting survey funding and incentives.

Donald Green, one of the article’s authors, a Columbia University political science professor, requested for the retraction on May 19, saying that co-author Michael LaCour failed to produce the raw data which was applied in the study.

The magazine issued a retraction after doing their own investigation, despite LaCour’s disagreement with the decision. He insisted the over zealousness of the gay canvassers may have diluted the result but the general sentiment remains real and true.

“I will supply a definitive response on or before May 29, 2015. I appreciate your patience, as I gather evidence and relevant information,” stated LaCour on his website.

An extensive news coverage was amassed from several major media outlets which included The New York Times, the Washington Post and The Associated Press, detailing a study that concluded that openly gay canvassers were more effective in influencing voters’ views to support of same-sex marriage compared to straight canvassers.

The study has claimed also that opinion alterations produced by straight canvassers are inclined to dwindle away in a few weeks time and those voters go back to their prior, less encouraging opinions of same-sex marriage. It attested that the perspective change fashioned by the gay canvassers continued even 9 months later.

After the data’s integrity was questioned by two graduate students from the University of California, Berkeley, who attempted  to instigate a similar study, Green began to have reservations about the study as he admittedly wrote last week that he was  “deeply embarrassed by this turn of events and apologize to the editors, reviewer, and readers of Science.”

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Source: http://www.benchmarkreporter.com/researcher-charged-with-falsifying-information-funds-on-voters-gay-rights-views-article-retracted-by-science-magazine/4150/




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