FBI DNA-matching data glitch: It’s a question of upgrading the system and soon everything will back to normal.

Errors were discovered from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  database  that  DNA profiles used in determining the DNA of a suspect from a crime scene will likely match, on Saturday.

The bureau is “committed to correcting the inaccurate values in a transparent manner,” said the FBI as they provided in a statement to Reuters that 33 out of the 1,100 DNA sample profiles from their database contained discrepancies.

In the statement, FBI the U.S. law enforcement agency bigwig said,  the errors were typically Not much harm done and typographical or due to outdated technology.

The errors go back to more than 15 years ago and that the FBI believes they are likely improbable to affect the cases that make  used of the database, the Washington Post reported late on Friday.

Crime labs were notified by the FBI regarding the errors, the reported Post.

Last month, the bureau was addressing the errors of hair analysis its examiners made before 1999.  Defendants were notified of the problems to ensure “that justice is done in every instance,”the FBI said.

Image: http://i.huffpost.com/

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/05/30/us-usa-fbi-dna-idUSKBN0OF0QY20150530


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