How does your skin react to tattoo ink

In a recent survey conducted, it shows that people who  had tattoos developed swelling or itching after 2 months of getting the tattoo or maybe even years later.

A random selection of 300 candidates were interviewed at the New York City, Central Park and discovered that 4% of the people developed rashes in the first two hours after getting inked while 6% reported itching severely and scaling lasting a minimum of two months, said a study that was later published in Contact Dermatitis.

Dr. Marie Leger, the study co-author,  NYU dermatologist and assistant professor said she was stunned by the results. Although, many cases have already been reported wherein patients have similar skin problems getting tattoo ink under their skin, she was not aware how common this had become.

The tattoo infection can get really bad sometimes because the tattoo ink can swell 1 cm above the skin, making it look damaged and deforming the tattoo all at the same time, she stated.

Leger believes such severe skin condition is due to a probable allergic reaction caused by the tattoo ink. Almost 2/3 of the group recounted having allergies while the other 1/3 did not show such adverse reaction to the tattoo ink at all.

Conducted in two separate areas in Central Park, their tattooed targets were English speaking individuals over the age of 18. 149 men and 151 women were the participants of Leger’s study. Details about their tattoos were given if any  complications of the skin caused by the tattoo ink have risen. Most of the people who participated reported scaling, severe itching, and developed raised skin filled with liquid.


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