Tattoos May Cause Severe Skin Allergies

Tattoos may cause swelling or itching, and symptoms may appear in as soon as a few months or as long as a few years.

Researchers interviewed 300 random candidates at New York’s central parks about their tattoos. Results revealed that 4 percent of people had developed a rash just a few hours after getting tattoo while 6% had itching and scaling that lasted at last a few month. The study can be found at Contact Dermatitis.

These results also surprised Dr. Marie Leger, study coauthor, dermatologist, and assistant professor at NYU. She knew about patients who had similar problems after getting tattooed, but wasn’t aware of how prevalent the issue was.

According to Dr. Leger, tattoo ink can also rise about a centimeter above the skin, giving the skin a damaged look and deforming the tattoo.

Reactions such as this are believed to be an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink. Only a third of the group didn’t appear to have any reaction to tattoo ink, the remaining two thirds reported allergies.

The study was conducted at two different areas of the park. Target participants were English tattooed speaking individuals aged 18 and above. The study was composed of 149 men and 151 women.

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