E-cigarette is neither the best solution to stop tobaco smoking nor curbing it, Study

Last Friday, the European Commission published a survey that revealed that only 14% of e-cigarette users were successful in their endeavor to quit smoking.This implies that this alternative may not be as effective as other thought.This Survey was published by Eurobarometer just before World No Tobacco Day, which comes this Sunday.The survey also revealed a declining trend in tobacco.The study also shed some light on the relatively new e-cigarettes. Only 2% of Europeans use e-cigarettes, despite 12% of people actually trying them.The number of users has gone up since 2012.Most users of e-cigarettes are people trying to quit smoking, but only 21% of users were able to curb some of their use, while an even lower 14% were able to stop.Worryingly, the younger a European is, the more likely he or she is to have tried them.The survey concluded that e-cigarettes may not quite be the quitting tool people were expecting it to be.

Source: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-05/29/c_134282471.htm



  1. gotsteam says

    In the Shiffman “Real-world” study, only 3% of those using the Rx nicotine patch and 9.2% of those using the OTC patch were not smoking at six months. In the nicotine gum groups, only 7.7% of the Rx gum group and 8.4% in the OTC gum group were not smoking at six months. Sadly, the average for the four groups was just 7%.

    Lets see, 14% quit rate for vapor products is DOUBLE the rate of nicotine patch rate.

    Brand Journalism doesn’t suit you Bob.

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