Indoor air purifiers recomended to patients with heart ailments, study

For people with existing heart problems, the improvement of the quality of air that we breathe can reduce cardiovascular risks, disclosed a study conducted in China.

Results are indicative that multiple risk factors for disease of the heart improved when young, healthy adults were exposed to fresh air, but the study does not claim that air purifiers have a significant role in prevention of heart attacks or other major cardiovascular problems.

Conducted by Dr. Renjie Chen and Dr. Ang Zhao from the Fudan University of Shanghai, China, the study invited 35 healthy university students from Shanghai and put at random a real or a fake air purifier device in their dorm rooms for a 48-hour period. The students were requested by the researchers that the experiment be repeated after a two-week break.  But this time, they were asked to switch the ‘type’ of air purifiers which they used the last time.

Results registered students with real air purifiers presented improvements in blood clotting multiple measures and inflammation. The dorm room air pollution dived to more than 56 percent, from 96 micrograms/cubic meter to 40 micrograms/ cubic meter. The students also exhibited significant improvements in blood vessel constriction together with lowered blood pressure and  lung function.

According to WHO, 35 micrograms of microscopic air particles/ cubic meter is the higher limit for air to be considered ‘not polluted’. But the air pollution in Asian major cities  exceeds 100 to 500 microgram/cubic meter, transcribed Rajagopalan in his paper.

Lung specialist Dr. Rachel Taliercio, from The Cleveland Clinic’s Asthma Centre in Ohio, said air purifiers for indoor may not really be beneficial to all patients. Taliercio contends that since the pollution levels in North America, for instance, is lower than in China, making it hard to quantify and make a comparison on the air purifiers benefits. But for those who reside near highly polluted areas, like coal power plants and key highways, investing in air purifier may prove to be a good idea, Taliercio said.




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