The first phase of ejaculate is the most important since it fertilizes the ovum.

Trying to conceive? According to a new study led by Ginemed Assisted Human Reproduction Clinic in Seville, Spain, the first-emerging part of the ejaculate squirt holds sperm that are more numerous, mobile and featuring some of the highest quality DNA in relation to the entire load.

The hypothesis is comparing the different fractions of semen in an ejaculation, the first contains sperm with better seminal parameters and could be used as an effective method for selecting sperm prior to fertilization.

For the study, samples from 40 participants were gathered in two consecutive chunks, utilizing one container for each phase, and examined them to find out whether one installment or the other would be preferable for use in in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

“Ejaculate has always been considered as a whole. However, we believe that it is divided into two quite different phases due to its composition and physiological functions, aimed at achieving two equally important actions in terms of reproduction,” said Maria Hebles, a co-director of the reproductive laboratory at Ginemed.

The findings ratify that the goal of the first phase of ejaculate — about the first 15 to 45 percent — is meant to fertilize the egg. The rest of the ejaculate is intended to prevent sperm from other men from fertilizing the egg, according to the researchers.

Results suggest that the first phase holds a developed subpopulation of sperm, with less sperm DNA fragmentation. Thus, the utilization of sperm from this fraction can have a positive effect on fertilization and embryonic development.

This was published in Systems Biology in Reproductive Medicine.



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