Check Lenovo’s Magic View smartwatch’s specs, and you’ll end up definitely impressed

Sometimes, technology comes with a compromise, the compromise with smartwatches being small screens. But what if you could project the screen directly into your eye?

Lenovo has done just that. At their Tech World Gadgetfest in Beijing, Lenovo unveiled a prototype of their Magic View smartwatch. On the watch’s band is a projector that enlarges images when viewed directly.

Lenovo claims that there are 120 patents on the projector alone. Also, the projector can work without the need for the first screen, making the device the first true dual-screen smartwatch. Or it will be, when it actually gets released to the public.

Despite touting this new technology, the only person who actually tried it was Lenovo’s executive on an on stage demo.

The watch bears some similarities with Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch. This should come as no surprise since Lenovo bought Motorola some time ago.

The Magic View watch also seemed to resolve on of the bigger issues with the moto 360: the lack of an ambient light sensor, a key feature for balancing between battery life and usability in bright areas.

Despite all this new technology, there has been one field that has stagnated: battery life. Even if this new watch delivers earth-shattering features, what good would they be if the watch can barely last an hour of actual use?




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