Early Treatment can Lower AIDS chances by more than half

Last Wednesday, results from a large clinical trial were made public. The sooner you get antiretroviral treatment for HIV infections, the better. Early treatment can significantly lower the change of getting AIDS and other illnesses.

Despite being a year earlier than scheduled, scientists released their preliminary data. The data indicated that people who immediately had treatment following diagnosis were 53% less prone to developing serious illnesses like AIDS when compared to treatments that started after a weakened immune system.

According to researches, previous study along with these results indicate that antiretroviral drugs benefit healthy people too, preventing the transmission of HIV.

According to the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci,  “We now have clear-cut proof that it is of significantly greater health benefit to an HIV-infected person to start antiretroviral therapy sooner rather than later.”

Furthermore, Fauci said that “Moreover, early therapy conveys a double benefit, not only improving the health of individuals but at the same time, by lowering their viral load, reducing the risk they will transmit HIV to others.”

The study started in 2011 and was held worldwide, with 35 countries who participated, and consisted of 4,685 HIV patients over 18 years old. The latest numbers say that there are an expected 35 million people with HIV in the world, but only 13 million of those people get treated.

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Source: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/World/2015/May-28/299551-global-study-finds-early-treatment-is-effective-against-hiv.ashx


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