Uterine cancer is no match against Mediterranean’s Finest, Study

In addition to the health benefits of a good Mediterranean regimen, a new study has supposed  that food like fish, vegetables, nuts and fruits reduces womb cancer risk by 57%.

Researchers from Italy peered into over 5,000 Italian women’s food intake  which closely resembles a Mediterranean diet and whether they eventually develop womb cancer.

The diet includes ingesting lots of fish, vegetables, nuts, fruits, pulses, cereals, potatoes, monounsaturated fats and little meat, dairy products and milk and moderate intake of alcohol.

Researchers discovered that those women who abide closely the Mediterranean diet by eating around seven to nine of the food groups have lowered risk of womb cancer by more than 50%.

Those women who consumed six of the elements of the diet reduced their womb cancer risk by 46 % and those who ate five components reduced their womb cancer risk by a third or 34%.

And those women whose diet were less than five varieties of the Mediterranean diet have a no significant lowering of womb cancer risk.

Dr Cristina Bosetti, from the IRCCS-Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche and the lead author said that their research had added weight of how our daily choices, like how active we are and what we eat affect cancer risk.

UK Cancer Research head of health information, Dr Julie Sharp, added that our age and genes are not the only factors that affects our risk of cancer, but a healthy lifestyle also plays a part in the reduction of the risk of some cancers.

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Source: http://zeenews.india.com/news/health/health-news/ladies-mediterranean-diet-can-reduce-womb-cancer-risk-by-57-pc_1603088.html


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