Newer Hormonal birth control pills increase the risk of blood clot 4 times over

Newer birth control pills increase the risk of blood clots developing in women as compared to older pills, according to a new study.

According to the report that was published in the BMJ journal, pills using the newer kinds of progestogen hormone increase blood clot chances by 50% to 80% as compared to older versions of progestogen.

The research was mainly done with women whose ages ranged from 15 to 49. In order to see the connection between contraceptives and blood clots, researchers then looked at prescriptions from two different medical databases in the UK. The results were scary: women using older birth control hormones were 2.5 times the risk of suffering blood clot, while women using newer birth control hormones were 4 times more likely to suffer a blood clot!

Despite this, Yana Vinogradova, research fellow at the University of Nottingham and the study’s author still says that number is generally safer than 1000% increases of blood clot risk pregnant women suffer.

According to Vinogradova: “Women on pills should not stop taking them only as a consequence of these findings because they may put themselves at a higher risk of blood clots associated with unwanted pregnancy and abortion.” “They should discuss their concerns at the time of their routine appointment with the doctor.”


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