Scientists will study Ecstasy’s treatment potential against the debilitating effects of pain and anxiety in cancer patients

Sometimes yesterday’s foe is today’s friend. In this spirit, Ecstasy, an illegal psychoactive drug’s potential as an anxiety alleviator for patients suffering from terminal conditions is being investigated by Californian Scientists.

At Santa Cruz, Brad Burge, speaker for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, announced that more than a dozen patients with life-threatening conditions will participate in the double-blind blind trial. Participants include cancer patients who are expected to live at least, but not much more than, 9 months.

The participants will be given either 125mg of MDMA or 30mg of a control placebo with the goal of testing wither or not MDMA can actually provide a measure of relief for patients suffering from crippling fear, anxiety, or depression due to their condition.

Dr. Philip Wolfson, principal investigator of the trial, said that a soothing effect that can last four to five hours can be “transformationally potent,” as long as trained therapists are there to maintain a controlled setting.

“It’s a substance that supports deep, meaningful and rapidly effective psychotherapy,”

Ecstasy, the street name for MDMA, has been a drug that federal laws have banned for decades. Accordingly, FDA regulations and U.S. laws enforce a stranglehold on any information from their trials and studies. Despite that, results are expected to come within 12 to 15 months.

According to Burge, “Our hypothesis is that something is happening with MDMA that makes psychotherapy easier.” “So with a lower dose of MDMA in the active placebo, it might fool the subject or the therapist. And by giving people the option of following up with another half dose, it just extends the window for therapy rather than making it more intense.”





  1. Ken M says

    I think that the people who take the placebo are going to notice that they got the placebo and the people who take MDMA are going to know that the walls are melting or that the sky is full of neon rainbows.

  2. Jay says

    very powerful drug. capable of getting people over impossible to cross psychological barriers. very intense, they will surely opt to take more rather than come down. I think come down blues will have most patients regretting taking it. Pure MDMA made by real pharms will also prove to be very safe.

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