The Galapagos Volcanic eruption: The lava flow took a southeasterly course sparing the pink iguanas

After thirty years, a volcanic eruption occurred once again at Galapagos Island; lava flowing through its slopes endanger earth’s only colony of pink iguanas.

The warning advisory by the Galapagos National Park Twitted on Friday said that the location of the Wolf volcano which erupted at dawn is also the location of the iguanas, Conolophus marthae, otherwise known as the Galapagos rosy iguana.

It is not yet clear whether or not the iguanas are in danger from the eruption, park officials say.

The eruption was witnessed by a tourist boat which happened to pass by the underpopulated island.

An immediate evaluation of the eruption by the officials followed.

Photographs showed fiery streams of lava flowing down the volcano while the billow of smoke rose and tongues of fire leaped from the crater.

The greatest island in Galapagos, Isabela, the Ecuadoran archipelago is the home of the a large amount of biodiversity that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection”.

The island in also known to be one of the most volcanically active regions is this island chain, sitting about 1000 km off the cost of Ecuador.

Darwin, Alcedo Cerro Azul and Sierra Negra are the other four volcanos of Isabela Island.





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