Battle ropes: An old workout tool with modern fitness application

Sometimes the mundane things around us can, with a little bit of imagination, turn into something else. Battle ropes, ropes that look like they belong in a dock and keeping a ship near the shore, are now the new fad among fitness buffs seeking a fun and interactive workout.

The ropes aren’t anything new—they’ve been used for training in sports like football— however, they’ve only recently gotten mainstream attention.

According to Jonathan Ross, spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise: “It’s a little like running with the upper body.” “It’s not just using different muscles but training muscles in different ways.”

The trainer from the Washington, D .C. are as well as author of “Abs Revealed” said that the workout involves both the mind and body with “the wave” where “The ropes show you how you’re moving.” “You see the physical manifestation of the body movement as you watch the ropes. If you do them well, your body is moving well.”

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research also published a study last April. It showed that 10-minutes of this kind of training increased cardio respiratory fitness.

The senior vice president of programming at Crunch, a national chain of fitness centers that have built a fitness class around battle ropes, Donna Cyrus said “It’s great core training. The abs, back, and glutes (muscles of the buttocks) are all engaged. Obviously there’s toning to the upper body and it burns a lot of calories.”





  1. J Russ says

    Physical fitness will always suffer from it’s flim flam artists never ending “new miracle fads”. The fitness ignorant, proving it.

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