SpaceX Video of Test Mission Abort Protocols

If you’re curious about the test, here’s the video. A spaceship is basically a flying metal tube, ball, shape loaded with explosives. It should come as no surprise that, after the tragedies of the past, SpaceX trains its crew for what to do if they need to abort the mission. And with the growing interest in commercial space flights, these procedures become even more important.  This month, SpaceX’s Dragon spaceship crew had a test flight for its abort protocols while looking into what can be done for less savvy commercial passengers.

This test was also the first for the eight SuperDraco thruster powered Crew Dragon “pusher” system. The test was done last May 6th at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

In 1.2 seconds, the Crew Dragon capsule when from rest to 100 miles per hour, the reaching a top speed of 345 miles per hour. That’s about half the speed of sound.

There were some really some interesting moments during the testing. One was when the Dragon was tumbling then suddenly the trunk separated for parachutes to expand, giving the rest of the trip a mellow ending as the craft drifted down into the Atlantic Ocean.

The video, however, does not show the capsule touching down on the ocean. This can be seen at another video that SpaceX released a few days after the test flight. Elon Musk was asked how anyone inside the capsule would fare after such an “exciting” experience. He responded by saying that they would probably be in great shape.





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