Copy and Paste Could become Multiplatform soon with Microsoft OneClip


Sometimes, when you’re searching the web, you may find a fascinating bit of content. This might be a quote from a book, some kind of top 10 list, a story on Reddit, or something you read on your PC and want to send it to your phone, or something you saw on your phone and want to look at it later on your PC.

There are many cross-platform apps that can do what you want. Google Keep, Evernote, Pushbullet, and AirDroid are examples of these. But if you don’t want to fuss with an app, the cruder alternative is to send yourself an e-mail, post it on Facebook, or whatever social media you use, and then check on it later.

These are effective, but they don’t offer the clipboard functionality that many people are used to with their native system. That’s about to change.

Microsoft is supposedly working on OneClip, an application that allows you to keep things you copy on a multi-platform clipboard that you can access on any of your devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s running Android, OSX, iOS, and/or maybe even Ubuntu.

Here’s the description of the app: “With OneClip, it’s easy to get back to the stuff you’ve seen and used. It might be a photo you took, a screenshot you made, a phone number or address you copied on your PC (and really need now while you’re on the run) or just an important piece of text. OneClip makes this available to you automatically, on your behalf, on all your devices. A cross device, secure, intelligent clipboard in the cloud. Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?”



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