Scientists Invent Implant To Translate brain signals to motor response

The new breakthrough would help paralyzed individual immensely by enabling them to control mechanical limbs to gain more independence.

The new implant can sense the person’s intent and respond accordingly to accomplish the task required of it. The patients would be able to use the hand only with their thoughts and would not require any further actions.

The device has been tested on the patients and has been able to achieve striking results. With patients expressing jubilation upon being able to do mundane tasks by themselves that were difficult to achieve in the past. Currently the implant has only limited use that translate to very slow movements but the technology is a step in the newer direction that would change the lives of millions of people around the world.

The device is attached to the human brain, which pics electronic signals and sends them to the computer that in turns translates it in to motion. There have been several different implants in the past but this one is attached directly to the part of the brain responsible for intention and translate in to motor action.

The scientists believe that they are on the right track to understand the functionality about how brain works and respond accordingly to it. This is a phenomenon technology that provides a peak in to the future that human race could carve for itself.

The lead scientists involved in the research has stated that the technology is still in its early era and would require extensive research to make it a viable option to be used in the daily life.


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