Salmonella outbreak: 53 People Sick

Health officials released a statement on Thursday that about 53 people have fallen sick across different states after consuming raw tuna.

California is the most affected with highest number of cases being reported, while Mississippi, Arizona and New Mexico have also reported several cases. No deaths have been reported yet but about 10 people are hospitalized. The cause of the outbreak have not been identified but all the patients became sick after consuming raw tuna.

A common brand supplying raw tuna has been linked with all the cases. Salmonella is the most frequent and common occurring food poisoning in the US. Patients suffer from intense fever, diarrhea and cramps. Authorities have warned that young children and elderly should avoid eating raw fish until the cause of the illness is determined.

Raw or uncooked meat carry several bacteria that can create different stomach related ailments. Therefore as a precautionary measure it is always important to cook the meat before consumption to avoid any illness.

Authorities have taken samples from different sources in order to trace the root cause of the problem. U.S has experienced several epidemics that have claimed the life of hundred of individuals infected from the disease.

Currently the situation is in control and authorities have taken appropriate actions to ensure that the outbreak does not spread and grow serious. As a precautionary measure children, pregnant women are advised to avoid raw meat such as fish, chicken or any other animal until the issue is completely resolved.



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