Highly predatory ladybird species, Harlequin invade UK

A killer ladybird that is increasingly becoming dominant in the U.K has been eating the local species and caused a substantial increase in the local population of the ladybirds.

The invading species is called Harlequin that feeds upon 7 different kinds of local species including Two-Spot ladybird whose population has decreased by about 44%. Biologist have dubbed the invading species as fastest growing foreign species in the native regions.

The insect has proved to be the most invasive species of ladybird in the world. Research conducted since 2005 has revealed that the invading species has spread to almost all the local regions, which is an alarming sign for the local ecological balance.

While the harlequin has not spread to the Scottish areas its presence in the UK is consolidated and has taken a huge foothold in the region. The invading species is held responsible for the decline of 7 different kinds of local species of ladybirds.

Invasive species in the U.K are estimated to cause damages of about £1.7 billion every year. The Harlequin’s back has different colors as opposed to the common ladybirds that carry red color and black dots on their backs. The Harlequin could have yellow back and other differentiating features.

Invasive species create substantial issues for the local species that create difficulty for the nature to maintain its balance and a lot of insects and animals that are dependent on the challenged species tend to falter and get eradicated.




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