Harvard Research: Could Chinese’ ‘thunder god vine’ the future cure-all-drug-of-choice for obesity?

Researchers have been scouring the world in late decades looking for wonder plants that can help individuals slim down. As the business sector for weight reduction items and supplements have developed to a multi-billion-dollar industry, they’ve taken interest at dandelions, espresso and nuts, in addition to other things. They’ve been developing an edible succulent called the caralluma fimbriata chewed by tribesmen in rural India to control their appetite amid a day’s hunt. Furthermore, they have been attempting to separate and concentrate whatever it is in an African plant called hoodia, which resembles a spikey pickle that lulls you into feeling full regardless of the possibility that you haven’t eaten a bit.

In any case, none of these has been more encouraging than a traditional Chinese medicinal herb known as thunder god vine.

In a paper published in the diary Cell on Thursday, researchers said a concentrate produced using the plant reduces hunger allow and has prompted a dramatic 45 percent reduction in body weight of a large mice.

Study author Omut Ozcan, an endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said the substance seems to work by improving a fat-derived hormone called leptin that signals to the body when it has enough fuel and vitality. People who lack leptin, can eat insatiably and can turn out to be extremely fat.

“Amid the most recent two decades, there has been a huge measure of push to treat heftiness by separating leptin resistance, however these endeavors have fizzled. The message from this study is that there is still seek after making leptin work,” Ozcan said in an announcement.

In the study, Ozcan found that with a one week of treatment with a concentrate produced using thunder god vine – which they called Celastrol – the mice reduces their food intake  by 80 percent as contrasted to the individuals who did not use the concentrate. After three weeks, those mice had lost almost 50% of their introductory body weight.

The outcomes were significantly more powerful than a drastic measure used to lose weight: bariatric surgery. Furthermore, researchers reported that they saw other positive health effects from diminished cholesterol levels to enhanced liver function.


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Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2015/05/22/harvard-study-could-chinese-thunder-god-vine-plant-be-cure-all-for-weight-loss/


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