Apple TV Delayed as the Company tries to get more Local Programs

Despite Apple’s reputation for delivering quality, or perhaps because of it, the tech giant’s rumored web TV service has hit a significant snag as the fruit company looks for more local content deals.

Apple, being the company that they are, have been trying to give their TV platform something unique, something that separates it from the crowd, and that something is programming from local broadcast stations in the U.S. Not to mention the hoops and hurdles it had to go through to get local stations and affiliates on-board.

A quick look at Sling TV and the WATCH ABC app can give you an idea of the difficulty that is dancing to the tune of licensures for local programs in different cities, never mind the agreements that are already in place.

Because of this, not many expect more than a sliver of news at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8.

But Apple being itself has managed to get 25 channels on their upcoming platform. Some of the big names, which should come as no surprise, such as ABC, CBS, and Fox have already joined the bandwagon.

Some companies are still on the fence. NBC, USA, And Bravo networks in particular are missing because of some bad blood with Comcast, their parent company, over X1 web-enabled set-top boxes.




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