Apple will launch its New Larger Display iPad

Apple is allegedly working on a drastic redesign for the iPad, enlarging the screen to 12 inches and introducing a new split-screen mode that could display two apps at once.

Apple is working on some software and hardware updates to reinvigorate the tablet over the next year. Apple is remodelling a dual-app viewing mode, 12-inch iPads code named “J98″ and “J99,” as well as support for multi-user logins, sources within the company tell 9to5Mac.

While Apple has not formally announced the super-sized iPads, the company is reportedly taking a first appearance of the split-screen feature at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference this June.

The feature will reportedly divide the screen down the center or in thirds, enabling users to multi-task across apps, hence that they no longer have to toggle between a WWW browser or email. This would enable iPad users to view two separate search tabs, or compare a pair of Pages documents at the same time. The split-screen effect is similar to some Android-powered tablets feature.

A source claimed that the iPad will offer Force Touch. It will apparently offer NFC that could enable the device to pair with the rumored stylus that is being developed for the 12-inch iPad, according to the source.

There are reports that Apple is setting up to include a USB Type-C port on the new 12in iPad. There is some doubt as to whether the USB Type-C will replace the Lightning port, or if both ports will be available.

The device’s launch date is nevertheless to be locked down, as the tablet is still awaiting for its software to be finished up, and new hardware parts to be readily usable.

The redesigns come amid a slump in iPad sales, as consumers shift purchases toward large screen smartphones, or “phablets.”






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