CERN’s particle collider off to a rousing start

Everything is set for the Large Hadron Collider and a new energy record has been reached. It is needed for the new experiment soon to be performed. CERN scientists are very happy with result of the upgrade.  The LHC is the biggest and most sophisticated machine of its kind.

It can be remembered that it has helped confirmed the presence of the Higgs boson particles which is also called as the God’s particle

CERN is located in Europe more specifically, in the country of Switzerland. It can be found housed in a 27 kilometer tunnel, 17 mile round, under the Swiss- French border.

In a press release last Wednesday, scientists in charge of its operation, said it successfully began smashing protons together using an  energy as high as 13 trillion electron on volts or 13TeV. That’s very close to the maximum power of the LHC which is the 14 TeV.

For the last two years repairs were done to prepare it for the next experiment which is to confirm the presence of dark matter.




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