Octopus Vision: Study reveals Octopus can See from their skin

Octopus have the ability to detect light and color through their outer skin, without registering the information about light through their brain or eyes. The octopus skin can react to the changing light not very efficiently but it does possess ability to detect the change in brightness of the light.

Scientists took two samples from the different parts of the skin. The skin was able to change color when exposed to light without any other stimulus present to inspire the change in color. Researchers found the skin of octopus contains sensors call Chromataphones that expand and contract to change its appearance.

The researchers also tested several other sea creatures with the ability to change color including cuddle fish and were able to find similar response in all species. The scientists believe that they have made progress in understanding the complex systems through which these creatures camouflage in their environment.

Further research in the field could enable the scientists to replicate the similar camouflaging abilities in clothes and other products. This is the first time that researchers have dived in the phenomenon of animals sensing light through their skin and organs other than eyes.

The discovery could prove vital in understanding the physical make up of color changing animals and their evolution through time to equip themselves with such skills in order to survive in their environment.

Biologist need to carry out extensive research in order to understand such mysteries found in the nature.


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