Missing meals Increases weight not the other way around

Missing meals could sound like a good way of avoiding excessive calories, but the latest studies suggest that it could lead to substantial increases in the weight.

Researchers from Ohio and Yale University conducted experiments on a group of mice, one group was allowed to nibble on food frequently while the other group was fed only one meal throughout the day. Researchers found that the second group ended up having larger portion of food in order to counter the increased hunger.

The researchers further revealed that even after the mice were taken off the restricted diet they continued to feed on larger portion of food.

The mice on the restricted diet showed weight loss in the initial phases but quickly gained back larger portion of weight in the subsequent period in order to restore their diet. Researchers believe that the humans also follow similar eating pattern.

Study further suggest the people with tendencies to go on and off diets have risk of adopting bad eating habits that may cause substantial weight gains in their later life. The mice on restrictive diet also developed insulin resistance that can cause diabetes as well as increased creation of the fat in the body.

Study further revealed that even though both groups of mice were consuming similar calories their bodies started storing energy in different ways to counter the changing nature of food available to them. Gaining fat in the abdomen region can lead to heart disease as well as slow metabolism.



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    The best thing we can do is find a healthy diet you know you can stick to combined with a good exercise regime.

    I’m on the paleo diet myself and love it. I have lost a lot of weight and I feel much better with much more energy and positivity.

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