Evolution of modern humans, researchers discover the oldest handmade tools

Researchers have discovered oldest Stone tools in Kenya that back to about 3.3 million years, challenging the previous beliefs held by the scientists about the evolution of modern humans. Scientists believe that the tools may have been created by some unknown ancestor form of Humans, which places the tools at the age of about 700,000 years.

The discovery also challenges the previous theory that the handmade tools were first invented by humans in order to produce tools with sharper edge. The discovery has added another page to the long history of archeology.

The lead archeologist in the discovery said that this discovery has challenged a lot of beliefs that scientist previously held about the human period. Researchers believe that they have uncovered a previously unknown period of human history.

Hominins are the species that the scientists widely believe modern humans and Homo sapiens have evolved from. Researchers have previously believed that the first such tools were crafter by Homo sapiens. But the latest researches have been revealing clues to a more ancient species of human responsible for crafting such tools.

The older unknown species of human or other animal could have been responsible for creating such tools. Researchers are carrying out further studies to understand the origin and sources of these ancient tools.

The discovery also raises questions about the evolution chart of the human race. The tool making requires a fines and ability to have hand control that point to the existence of brain and spinal cord.


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