Evolution of the Snakes materialized on the land contrary to previous belief

A new study contradicts the previous belief that the snakes evolved in the sea rather than on land. Snakes are found in a different habitats ranging from land, water and trees. The reptile evolved on land.

The biologists have found that the snake evolved from the predators that had smaller limbs containing toes and fingers. The previous hypothesis have been tested using the latest technologies in order to understand the origins and evolution of the snakes.

Scientists analyzed about 73 different species of the snake and lizards to generate a comprehensive construction of the ancient snakes. Scientists believe that the snakes involved in warm forest at the southern hemisphere about 128 million years ago.

Scientists also believe that the ancient snakes used to hunt in the night and slumped in burrows in the day time to conserve energy and increase their chances of getting food as compared to the other animals of that era.

The nocturnal habits of the snakes involved to take the form of Colubroidea that is the most prevalent species of the snake in the wild. These newer studies help the researchers understand the process of evolution and create more accurate model for the different animals.

The study also helps the scientist understand the origins of the humans, which would help in understanding the impact of the environment on the humans and different species. There are thousands of different species of the snakes in the wild, being one of the most successful predators.


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