Obesity is now considered an epidemic in the U.S. A.

A new study suggests that about 35% of adults in U.S. and 50% of the elder individual suffer from the metabolism syndrome. Metabolism syndrome involves the fatal combination of High blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

The obesity is rapidly increasing amongst the U.S population, the recent study further suggests factors that enable the policy makers to understand the factors that contribute to the prevailing condition and help devise means to fight against the problem.

Researchers have collected the data from different sources from 2003 to 2012 and carried out analysis to understand the spread of metabolic syndrome. The study suggests that the metabolic syndrome has increased from 32.9% to 34.7%. The study further found that the obesity syndrome is more common amongst the female population as compared to the men. While in the races Hispanic communities had higher number of infected as compared to other races.

Scientist further found that with increasing age the risk of the syndrome also increases significantly. The individuals aged between 20 and 39 has 18.3% chance of the disease, while the people over the age of 60 has 46.7% chance of the disease.

This study points to some alarming signs that would be fatal to the ageing population of the country. Scientists believe that it would create heavy burden over the health care system.

Researchers believe that awareness campaign and more than 30 minutes of intense exercise daily could help in reducing the risk of disease and can also be used as a long term solution for the issue.


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