Is depression an early indication of Parkinson’s disease?


Depression is attributable to many factors. There is a growing evidence that it is also an indication of Parkinson’s disease or a risk factor itself, according to the latest study which lasted for more than 2 decades.

Fifty percent of people suffering from depression were more likely to develop {Parkinson’s disease according to the same research.

A research team from Sweden began studying the data of over 140,000 individuals in the country who were over 50 years old in 2005. These people suffered from bouts of depression diagnosed between the years 1987 and 2012. Each had a matching control group of 3 individuals who were never diagnosed to suffer from depression. The control group involved 421, 718 people.

The records showed that for more than 20 year period, about 1, 485, that is approximately 1.1 percent, of the participants who suffered from depression later succumbed to Parkinson’s, while 1,775 or approximately 0.4 percent of the individuals who did not suffer from depression also ended up with Parkinson’s . The researchers did not know of any connection between one sibling suffering from depression and the other one with Parkinson’s.

“This finding gives us more evidence that these two diseases are linked,” said Peter Nordström, Professor in the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation at Umeå University, in a press release. “If the diseases were independent of each other but caused by the same genetic or early environmental factors, then we would expect to see the two diseases group together in siblings, but that didn’t happen.”





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