Risk factors of Symptom X: You are 60 years and over, female, and Hispanic

A new study reveals that one-third of Americans have a variety of risk factors that makes them susceptible to heart disease .

A range of diseases that contributes  to the risk are high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels , obesity and impaired glucose tolerance is also medically known as “metabolic syndrome” or may also be called Syndrome X.

The metabolic syndrome increases as age advances according to experts which is among half of people who are at the age of 60 and up.

“That’s concerning, because we know the population of the U.S. is aging,” stated senior author Dr. Robert Wong, an assistant clinical professor at University of California, San Francisco and a senior author of the research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. “I think it will potentially place a huge burden on our health care system.”

Experts say that even when the popularity of the syndrome has subsided in contrast to the increases in previous researches , a lot of Americans still have it .

“This will become an even more pervasive epidemic unless lifestyle changes — lower calorie, lower fat, more plant-based nutrition, and consistent moderate exercise — are embraced by the American public starting preferably in the young,”  stated American College of Cardiology President Dr. Kim Williams Sr.

It showed that between 2011-2012 , based on an investigation of health records on Americans collected by the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention ,  35 percent of Americans suffer metabolic syndrome which is a 2 percent increase from the level in 2003-2004.

Wong notes that obesity is regarded by doctors as the number one factor in metabolic syndrome which matches CDC records showing that both increased , with a third of Americans being obese .

One is considered having the syndrome if a patient has three of the five factors that can be a cardiac risk which includes large waistline, increase of triglyceride fats in the blood, low HDL , high blood pressure and diabetes .

The research proved that people with the syndrome should start to consider a healthier lifestyle . Exercise and weight-loss programs that depends on the diet can certainly improve each factors of the metabolic syndrome.

“Just because you have metabolic syndrome does not mean that you can’t reverse it,” Wong stated.

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