Stone tools dating 3.3 million years back was found in Turkana Lake, West Kenya: Older than prehistoric man

On Wednesday , a 3.3 million year old set of stone tools were discovered by anthropologists in northwest Kenya that has now questioned the prevailing story about mankind.

The tools were older than the first found device associated with the Homo habilis , the predecessor of modern humans . The tools were actually 700,000 years older.

“The tools we have unearthed are the very first fossil traces of techniques bequeathed by our hominin ancestors 3.3 million years ago,” French researcher Sonia Harmand, of New York’s Stony Brook University, told AFP.

“Our discovery also refutes the long-standing theory that Homo habilis was the first maker of tools.”

It was fundamental for the early humans to make tools , fire and farming . They were believed to help them butcher animals , discovering protein which helped in the development of bigger brains. Yet inventing a tool would take motor skills . It was then believed that they were more likely superior than the ape-like hominis before the H.habilis came . They were known as “handy man “ for being inventive.

Habilis is the ancestor of Homo sapiens and were believed to have bigger brains compared to the previous hominis. They lived around 2.8 and 1.5 million years ago . Their tools were from around 2.6 million years ago.

The tools were found in the Nachukui Formation , a distant place in scrublands west of Lake Turkana that had a good number of assets from the mid-1980s.

Harmand and her associate Jason Lewis  were just having one of their morning scouting trip in July 2011 when they could not find their way back as they went up on a hill to have a better look around and felt “ that something was special about this particular place.”

A local tribesman was there to help them as they discovered the first of the oldest treasures . According to the journal Nature, they were able to find 149 artifacts , from stone cores and flakes to rocks used for hammering. They are believed to be older than the later stone tools but were effective as well, according to scientists. They were found just over a volcanic ash which is about 3.3 million years ago.


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