Altering human embryonic genomes is both legal in China and U.S.

As issues regarding the altering of humans continue to rise, American scientists will be working together to settle on a set of ethical guidelines about the principles of altering the human genome.

The disturbing revelation that researchers in China successfully had altered genes within human embryos in April prompted the action.

Although it appeared that the embryos were incapable of life, it urged the US National Academy and the National Academy of Medicine to come up with a rule book which will be regarded scientifically acceptable in the use of the gene altering system known as the CRISPR-Cas9 that enables the changing progression of DNA to be taken from a fertilized ovum.

Naturally, the world in general may or may not remain to follow the guidelines which is a different subject to consider and the summit willingly welcomes all in the international community. The UK at present does not approve of altering the human embryos.

The date for the meeting has not yet been known yet a suggestion from Marcy Darnovsky , the director of the Center for Genetics and Society in Berkeley, California , that the talk should not only include those with the technical and specific knowledge of genetics . The meeting should also involve politicians, religious groups and human rights organizations who are also part of this fast-approaching field of possibilities as it literally leads to shape the face of humanity, Darnovsky informed Nature.

As many would come to agree internationally, the issue as to when, what and whose DNA that scientists would be permitted to ‘play god’ will certainly be respected.

The altering of the human embryo is illegal in the UK but can be performed in most part of the US if the government is not involved in financing.






  1. whoknows says

    It is only fair that those GM people will carry a badge to say they are genetically modified, just the same way OGM food are to be labelled. What if we don’t want to procreate with GM people or their descendants? It is a decision we should be able to make as individuals while some scientists play their magics. I say play because there is no way they know what they are doing and all the consequences of it.

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