Why is gluten in Probiotics very dangerous


A new research found out that more than half of the top-selling probiotic supplements contained gluten that is harmful to people with celiac disease. They found that gluten is present in probiotic supplements that has “gluten-free” on their labels, and they revealed that the most expensive supplements were just as likely to contain gluten as the cheapest products.

According to Samantha Nazareth, Celiac Disease Center gastroenterologist of Columbia University Medical Center, many patients with this disease use dietary supplements and probiotics in particular are common.

The study was brought up due to the previous reports that celiac patients taking dietary supplements tend to show more symptoms compared to those who did not use the supplements.

Further, Benjamin Lebwohl, the assistant professor of epidemiology and medicine at the CUMC commented that we do now that most patients afflicted with the celiac disease develop only intestinal damage while consuming gluten in excess of 10 milligrams a day and it was unlikely that contamination in probiotics can contribute to excessive absorption of gluten. Although the quantity of gluten consumed may be lesser and the risk itself, the fact that gluten traces were found in a product that has no room for gluten as an ingredient is weird enough.

Lebwohl further investigated why there should be any gluten at all in these products. That customer should pay higher attention on the product label such as gluten free claims. And regarding the heightened consumer interest that probiotics have received, the regulatory bodies should require action in the pursuit of protecting the public.

The researchers found that 12 of the supplements – or about 55 percent – contained detectable levels of gluten. Eight of these 12 products carried gluten-free claims on their labels.

According to the F.D.A., to qualify as gluten-free a product must contain less than 20 parts per million of the protein. The research shows that roughly 13 percent – were found to contain levels of gluten that exceeded the F.D.A. threshold.

The results recommend that people with celiac disease, or those avoiding gluten for any reason, should be cautious about taking probiotic supplements.

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Source http://www.thetimesgazette.com/gluten-free-probiotic-products-designed-for-better-digestion-may-contain-gluten-says-study/2817/e prescribed limit.



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