NASA: Wanted Robotic Spacecraft to Transfer asteroid part to the Moon’s orbit

NASA is on the lookout for new structures of unmanned spacecraft to aid its goal to transfer a part of an asteroid to the moon’s orbit. It has contemplated on hauling an entire asteroid but has changed their minds on picking a 13 foot boulder in an unmanned space mission slated in 2020. It is supposed to aid in testing new technologies if successful in a manned space travel to Mars. NASA isn’t yet prepared through for a formal acquirement proposal from the government.

Two astronauts is slated to be sent in the Orion space capsule in 2025. The astronauts will then be taking a spacewalk on the rocky surface taking photos of its surface and gathering sample fragment to be brought back to Earth. This is an important test for the agency in preparatory to sending a crew to Mars someday.

Within the five year asteroid retried mission, NASA should gather more robotic technologies, soft landings at the same time giving astronauts the chance to test suits they will be wearing for a deep space mission.

As to which asteroid it aims to target in March is a top secret for NASA which will be revealed in 2019.




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