Amarillo’s threat of increasing Mosquito Population

With increased level of rains in May, which has given a boost to the local mosquito population. The puddles around the houses and increased pools of stagnant waters prove an ideal breeding ground for the large population of the mosquitoes.

The city’s authorities have been actively working to eliminate the risk of mosquito infestation by applying chemicals to the standing puddles and the surrounding areas, but the authorities have also urged the local population to co-operate with the government and take necessary precautionary measures.

The authorities have declared that the participation of the local populace can assist in controlling the spread of mosquitoes, which are largely responsible for carrying Nile Virus. The space spray that the government employs is not an effective long term situation for controlling the mosquitoes. But the authorities continue to use the sprays in order to take all the measures that they can.

The authorities have stated that due to the increased rains in the May, the mosquito population is expected to multiply immensely. The city Management is also applying chemicals at about 100 location that can contain the possible breeding grounds for the insects.

Citizens have been advised to wear long sleeved clothes and use mosquito repellent in order to guard themselves against the mosquito bites. Several sprays can also be used on the clothing that repel mosquito and do not cause any harm to the users.

Mosquitos are largely responsible for carrying Nile virus that infect thousands of individuals in the area every year.


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