Ocean Microbes and climate change, the problem solved

A new study carried out by the researchers point to the importance of Microbes and bacteria in the ocean for controlling climate change. Scientists have discovered that the chemical secreted by the microbes in the ocean can be released in to the air, which in turn affect the way clouds form and regulate solar radiation. These finding would greatly assist the scientists in understanding the root causes of climate change.

The study suggests that the bacteria in the ocean consume planktons and algae in the water that usually floats near the surface. When the Planktons and algae are digested by the bacteria they release different chemical products in the water that later become aerosolized due crashing waves and process of evaporation.

These byproducts combined with water control the formation of clouds and other cycles that control and regulate the temperatures around the world. The scientists have been carrying further research to understand the byproducts that these microbes produce in order to improve and create better weather models.

The researchers used about 3,400 gallons of seawater in a natural chamber to test the mist that arises due to the ocean spray and the mist. The team found that some lipid chemical were increasingly transferring in to air as a result of the process.

It has been known that aerosolized particles can have significant impact on the environment, this study further establishes the fact and highlights the importance of microbes in the whole weather system of the planet.


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