The Evolution of the Human Bone Structure: Scientists Study

A new study carried out suggests that the decrease in mobility and increased level of nutrition have led to weaker bones in the humans as compared to their ancestors who primarily relied upon hunting in order to gather their food.

The study was carried out upon hundreds of bones of people who lived in the different eras in Europe during pas century. The study clearly identifies the decreasing strength in the bone structure of the humans as the agriculture progressed in the area.

Scientists say that the increased level of activity and placing strain on the bones through walking and carrying weight strengthens the bone structure and provides improvement in the bone structure of the bones.

The researchers found increasing evidence that the ancient humans had stronger bones, which became weaker with time as the technology and the agriculture advanced. But the weakening bone structure cannot be associated with a single factor it resulted due to several factors the decreased the mobility of humans.

The decline continued for thousands of years motivating decrease in the bone structure. The scientists found clear evidence of decrease in leg bone strength between Mesolithic and Roman Empire era. Researchers further suggested that increased activity at the younger age could have significant improvement in the bone structure in later life, eliminating the risk of bone related diseases that have been spreading very rapidly around the world.

Adults who participate in vigorous exercise for more than 30 minutes daily have shown improved bone density and strength.


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