Disposable Drones A Reality by US Military

U.S military scientists claimed to have creates a drone that can locate enemy submarines, trace conversation and carry our weather analysis. The drone is small enough to fit within your hand.

The drones have been designed based on insects called cicadas, which tend to live underground and travel in swarms in great numbers for feeding before they die. The cicada drones are also expected to work in swarms in order to gather Intel and track the movement of enemies.

The lead scientists have exclaimed that due to their massive numbers, it would be difficult for the enemies to eliminate all of them. Their large swarms would enable the UAV to collect and deliver the data to the Headquarters even if they are being attacked by the enemy.

The drones are designed to agile and small in order to be carried out in large numbers for any kind of Intel related mission. The drones use only 10 parts in their design and use gliding system in order to reach their pre-programed targets. The drone also has the ability to be quiet, despite the absence of any propulsion system the drones can tract the target very accurately.

The drones have a very simple design, which enables the companies to drive the cost of the drones very low. A single drone can be made out of mere $1000.

The drones are also capable of carrying different gadgets such as microphones, and other gadgets that can record temperature, distance, wind pressure and also have the ability to take photos.



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