After its Pluto’ trip, the New Horizon can phone home to start its new mission

The man who outlined the “brilliant records” put on board Voyagers 1 and 2 that convey data about the Earth to potential outsider is currently leading another push to transfer a comparable message to NASA’s New Horizons space apparatus, right now in transit to Pluto.

New Horizons will fly by Pluto on July 14 of this current year. On the off chance that an amplified mission is affirmed, it will investigate a little Kuiper Belt Object in 2019 preceding turning into the fifth shuttle to leave the nearby planetary group.

Titled the “One Earth Message,” Lomberg’s proposition calls for educators, scientists, specialists, and craftsmen to transfer messages about our planet that could one day be discovered and decoded by outsider developments.

The Voyager records contained more or less 115 simple pictures and different normal sounds, in addition to music and welcome in 55 dialects.

Included with the records are guidelines on the mostefficient method to play them.

While content for the Voyager records was picked by a little advisory group chosen by the late Carl Sagan, the One Earth message will be assembled from entries by individuals around the globe sending pictures, sounds, and thoughts.

The new message will be digital, containing about 100 images and an hour of audio.

In the event that the undertaking gets NASA endorsement, the message won’t be transmitted to New Horizons until at any rate July 2016 and potentially not until 2019. It can even be redesigned and changed through the transferring of extra documents.

Lomberg imagines connecting pictures and sounds with a world guide that demonstrates their source.

Both the message content and its programming will be paid for by individuals, not by tax payers money. Through a Fiat Physica battle, Lomberg and his group want to raise at least $500,000 and a few million dollars for the task.

Situated at , the group subsidizing crusade will be open through July 15.

People can contribute a few photographs for potential consideration in the message free of charge. The individuals who need to send more photographs are requested to pay an expense covering site costs.

A noteworthy test is figuring out how to advise any outsiders who may capture the test that it contains a message.

“Our challenge is to find ways of coding the message so that it calls attention to itself as a message.” Lomberg said.

Regardless of the fact that the message is never read by outsiders, it will bring individuals from around the globe together and energize them about the New Horizons mission and about space investigation, he included.




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