US Loses 40% of their Bees, White House plans to save them

National survey carried out throughout the country revealed that the US bee farmers lost about 40% of their honey producing colonies during April 2014 and 2015. The survey was headed by a professor of University of Maryland.

The study revealed that the bee keepers lost fewer colonies in the winter but the summer and aggregated losses combine together reached the highest in 5 year history. The main reason associated with the loss is the poor health of the honey bee colonies.

The survey is carried out at commercial as well as small scale, which allows the famers and agriculture department to understand the condition and survivability of the honey bees. The survey is funded by US agriculture bureau and can be publicly accessed over the internet.

The primary purpose of the survey is to understand and investigate the reasons for poor health of honey bee colonies. Many crops also depend on the honey bees in order to pollinate and propagate their crops substantial losses could have drastic effects on the crops of Almonds, which rely solely on the pollination through honey bees.

Bee keepers who participated in the survey revealed that they lost about 42% of their colonies in the summer. Scientists are perplexed by the reason that honey bees are dying in the season where they are supposed to be thriving. Some scientists participating in the survey expressed their concern and suggested that this loss is unheard of in the past for the honey bees.


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