Athletes also carry a risk of heart diseases

A new study carried on about 2,000 athletes who were planning to participate in the summer Olympics has revealed that the group had very high cases of heart related conditions ranging from physical deformities to electrophysiological.

The study further suggested that even athletes with enhanced physical fitness and amazing physical performance in the Olympic Games had a very prevalence of heart related issued that were life threatening in some cases. The heart tests were carried out in relation to the Olympic Games policy to test the participants.

The doctors carrying out the research were surprised to find 171 out of 2000 athletes screened had different forms of cardiovascular abnormalities. The athletes had conditions which form the largest cause of sudden cardiac arrest.

The 24 athletes were suspended due to the increased risk of heart attack but were later allowed to take part in the games under close surveillance.

The researchers were further surprised by the fact that despite having such abnormalities these athletes were able to reach high level of performance in their respective sports. Researchers believe that the abnormalities went undetected because of the failure to take in depth analysis of their hearts that could reveal those abnormalities.

The finding were recently discussed in Portugal in EuroPRevent 2015, an annual conference that tackles the health related conditions and their possible cures. The study would help the researchers in further understanding the cause of the issue of heart related ailments in athletes.



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