Building Mars Habitat: Requires more skills than building one here on Earth

NASA has invited the public to submit plans for its Mars natural Habitat program. NASA, working together with the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, is holding a contest to design and build a 3-D printed Habitat for deep space like going to Mars.

The multi-stage 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge has been intended specifically to make awareness of the availability of the additive construction technology that is expected to create feasible housing alternative solutions for the Earth and even beyond it.

According to experts, safe house is one of the most essential consideration for people yet having to transport most of the construction materials would be very cumbersome since it will occupy most of the space in the cargo bay of the space shuttle. Other more important things should be given the priority instead.
The initial phase of the contest, it was announced last Saturday, will commence Saturday and will go on until September 27. This is the part where participants will be asked to create modern architectural innovations.
Only the top 30 entries will be considered and judged. Also, the champion will be awarded with prize money amounting to $50,000 at the 2015 World Maker Faire in New York.

Sam Ortega, Centennial Challenges program manager, said, “This challenge definitely raises the bar from what we are currently capable of, and we are excited to see what the maker community does with it”.

Moreover the second stage of the contest is divided into two phases i.e., the (phase 1) Structural Member Competition and the On-Site Habitat Competition (Phase 2).

Level 1 spotlights on the construction technique that are expected to come up with basic materials from a combinationof locally available materials and recyclables, or locally available materials alone.

Then again, the Level 2 is more challenging since competitors are required to build full-scale habitat utilizing locally available materials or locally available materials together with recyclables.




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