Quitting Smoking Can Be Financially Rewarding

Smoking can be very difficult habit to break. However a new study may have just stumbled on how to make it easier on yourself to kick the addiction. Your cigarette sticks in exchange for money. A fair exchange would you say.

In a study just published and released last week. Smokers who have to dole out $10 of their own money found it easier to quit than smokers who don’t have the bet money.

“As we think about novel approaches to smoking cessation, these findings provide evidence that financial incentives can be a powerful motivator,” explains study author Dr. Troyen Brennan.

In addition, lead study author Dr. Scott Halpern says, “This study is one of the first to compare incentive programs that first require deposits and programs that entail pure rewards to promote healthy behaviors. The results are fully consistent with the behavioral theory that people are typically more motivated to avoid losses than to seek gains.”

Furthermore, the assistant professor of medicine with the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania goes on to say, “Although the need to make monetary deposits deters some people from participating; deposit-requiring incentive programs can produce robust, long-term results in helping to change complex health behaviors.”

The study involving more than 2,500 volunteers were offered the usual quit smoking care which include information available locally, information guides from American Society, also free use of behavioral modification programs.

Finally, Dr. Halpern commits, “Perhaps the most important finding is that incentive programs that required people to deposit $150 of their own money were less effective overall than reward-based programs of similar value because few people accepted such deposit programs.”

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Source: http://www.piercepioneer.com/study-says-smokers-quit-best-when-they-are-financially-invested-in-their-success/40878


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