Ocean spray aerosol: Slows down global warming and keeps climate change under control, Study

Sea Spray Aerosol, or SSA may appear totally mundane, but latest research has discvered their profound effect on our climate. Ocean spray, we dismiss them without any regards as to how they help control our planet’s climate. For one thing they have the ability to scatter solar radiation. For another, they are instrumental in cloud formation which help influence weather all over the planet. They help in slowing down global warming. That’s what the oceans are doing right now, buying us some time, according to several researches.

A publication has just been released regarding the effects that ocean spray has on microbial activity and the bloom formation with it.

A private study was done involving 3,400 gallons of natural sea water. Waves after waves were observed while the atmosphere started to get moist.

*Because of the Chlorophyll in their cells.

Phytoplankton, which serves as the ultimate source of oceanic nutrition,  (available in fairly large amounts that they often turn the oceanic water green) are the precursor of the entire process. Kimberly Prather together with the crew at the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE) write this week about how planktons are being synthesized by bacteria.

Once phytoplankton are broken down by bacteria and as they move on to the next point in their journey through the food chain, they release a variety of different molecules into the water that surrounds them.

(After being broken down, the phytoplankton migrate to the next level of their unending trip in the food chain, where then they release various types of molecules into the surrounding water that encloses them.

Image: http://pic.pilpix.com/9/9982/633904249386143517-sea-spray.jpg

Source: http://www.slashgear.com/ocean-spray-controls-more-weather-than-you-realize-18384122/


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