NASA awarded SpaceX with a type 2 Certification to help launch its medium risk space missions


(SpaceX was formally certified by NASA to use its Falcon 9 rocket to launch the agency’ science missions. Falcon 9 received its certification in the Category 2 rocket launch vehicle. Even before this, SpaceX has been flying six resupply mission for NSA to the ISS or International Space Station.

(It was in 2012 when SpaceX was granted the contract for Jason 3 mission while trying to obtain a certification of the Falcon 9 rocket a project is co- funded by both the French and U.S. governments the purpose of which is to monitor the roughness of the sea.

The Jason mission will finally launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in July. The deployment will utilize a 2-stage Falcon 9 rocket, one that will carry the 1,124 pound spacecraft into orbit 830 miles above the Earth.

(Following that, the satellite will energize a radar altimeter to receive signals and sent them to the oceans of the planet in order to measure the height of the waves, the rise of the sea levels, and other information which can be used for weather forecasting, study of the oceans and climate change.

“The certification now clears the Falcon 9 to launch what Nasa calls ‘medium-risk’ science missions, a classification that includes most of the agency’s Earth observation satellites and many of its interplanetary probes,” said Nasa spokesperson George Diller in a statement.

The planned launch will be Falcon 9’s second sortie. The first one was in California in September 2013.




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