With the exception of Sodas, Three things Have Remained Pretty much the same at Fast Food Restaurants.


Some things will never change. Take for example the children diet menu offered at fast food restaurants. It’s true that sodas and other sweet drinks are now removed from the children’s food menus, is the nutritional content of these foods have been improved or do they remain the same.

A research team led by Alice Lichtenstein, director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory did some comparable studies of the fast foods most popular children food menus such as cheeseburgers, French-fries, grilled chicken sandwiches.

They discovered that first, the calorie content, salt levels and saturated fat ingredient from 1993 to 2013 never changed and if there were ever, it would be very hard to distinguish. For seventeen years, the changes were some sort of just window dressings. It may just be the same with the removal of the sweet drinks.

Second, you may be surprised, but the researchers also discovered that the size and weight of the servings remained the same despite impressions on the other hand. And third, there are no improvements in the nutritional content of the foods.

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