Rockets Soar High as they overcame a 3-1 Series Deficit to Advance to the Finals with a Game 7 Score of 100-113 over the Clippers

The Clippers will try to barge on the conference finals for the first time in its 45 year history as NBA franchise holder. They could have done it two games ago having lead the series 3-1 but they kept on losing despite having the lead going to the final stretch.

Game 7 is being played at the Toyota Center. The Clippers had a nice going season going on for them but a lose here would echo the disappointing seasons they had before.

Game six was a very sorry loss for the Los Angeles basketball team. They had a 19 point lead last Thursday but ultimately lost to the much determined Houston Rocket’s team.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers said that they had the game behind them now and they will play like pros in game 7 and will play in the finals for the first time.

The prediction may not be coming soon since they are behind at the moment. A last ditch effort is on the way and they might still bring home the bacon and keep their series much longer.

However it is highly doubtful if they can do it.

Trevor Ariza is waxing hot and the Rockets were leading 16 points with more than just 5 minutes into the final buzzer.

Is there going to be redemption for Clippers? The Rockets wouldn’t surely allow it. They will advance to the finals and they may have just done it with .55 seconds to go leading by as much as 11 points

The Clippers had been losing in all 3 quarters of the game and the push is on for the 4th quarter. But it fell flat and they go home again this season without attaining their goal.


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