Scientists Create Hydrogel To Transport Stem Cells Efficiently To Different Parts Of The Body

Stem cells have proved to be a viable and highly effective method of treatment for the brain and muscle damage due to their capability of taking form of any kind of muscle tissue. But the effectiveness of the treatment is compromised due to their lower survival rate after being injected in to the body.

A team of researchers at the University of Toronto have created solutions that can enable the stem cells to survive longer and improve the pace of treatment as well.

The new method employs a bubble like shield created of hydrogel that can contain the cell until they reach the desired part of the body. The tests carried out revealed that the method was providing highly improved results.

The hydrogel not only transports the stem cells safely but it can also assist in the repairing procedure of the muscle tissue, researchers used photoreceptors in the gel before injecting them in to the eyes of the blind mouse. The results showed that the mice recovered 15% of their eye response.

The researchers are planning to take the testing to the next level by testing these products on the larger breed of animals that can provide better study and insight in to the effectiveness and reliability of the treatment.

The newer treatment if successfully tested would be able to help the patients recover from severe brain and muscle tissue injuries that were difficult to treat in the past.


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