Osteoporosis screening procedure is as important to men as they are to women

Men are less likely to be screened for osteoporosis than women, even if they  suffer worse symptoms from the bone degenerative condition, finds a new study.

2 million American men suffer from osteoporosis, and 8 million to 13 million men has low bone density, an antecedent of osteoporosis, researchers say.

Most of the  women in the study show willingness to be screened for osteoporosis if it was offered, only 25% of the  men say they are willing to be screened.

Women are four times more than likely compared to men to take preventive measures for osteoporosis, like taking Vitamin D and calcium supplements to fortify their bones.

The findings were presented Friday at the annual meeting of the American Geriatrics Society in Washington, D.C. Presented research at medical meetings are considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

There are 10 million Americans who have osteoporosis, while 43 million have low bone density, the National Osteoporosis Foundation said.  Scientists suggests that 13 % white American men 50 years or older will have an osteoporosis-related breakage of bone in their lifetime.

Health problems and drugs that increase osteoporosis risk are explicit to men, that includes a number of prostate cancer drugs, the researchers stressed.

Society in general is not only unaware of the problem of osteoporosis in men, men are not into screening and diagnosis of the disease.

Image: http://img.webmd.com/

Source: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2015/05/15/men-should-be-screened-for-osteoporosis-too



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