Reddit endorses policy on anti-harassment


Reddit, the online chat setting known for its non-regulated  philosophy, is ratifying an anti-harassment policy while trying to maintain its place as a free expression zone.

Reddit said on Thursday in a blog post that it is “unhappy with the harassing behavior” on the site and its data survey displays that users are too, as its community guidelines were reviewed for the last six months.

The San Francisco firm wrote in a post that “many conversations devolve into attacks against individuals,” adding it is also witnessing more different forms of harassment compared  in the past. For instance, some users harass  others across platforms and posting links of private information on other sites to Reddit.

Interim CEO Ellen Pao, lost a gender-discrimination lawsuit against a well-known venture capital firm. That case stressed issues of gender discrimination and women working conditions in the  Silicon Valley.

In blog post,  Reddit defines harassment as “systematic and continuous actions to demand and torment someone,” leading to fear for their safety or contemplate that news site and social-networking is not a safe avenue to express ideas.

Users who are harassed can report messages or post thru email, as they aim to handle each situation independently, and actions  may include banning of users.

Reddit said earlier this year, that links,  photos and  videos with explicit content will be un-posted,  if the concerned person in the picture has not given permission for its posting.

That change came 6 months after hackers got nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other personalities and posted them to social media sites, like Reddit and Twitter.






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